Type7 Story 2/2

The @differsgroup name way chosen to literally mean different, and that approach is evident everywhere you look in their refurbished warehouse in a town on the road between The Hague and Amsterdam. A confluence of art, design, and some of the best cars in the region; the definition and ultimately the conclusion of the mission statement that both Bas and Leon set out to achieve, all inside a space that is completely unique. Each of their meticulous passions elevates the other.


That shared passion can be found as a common thread in the small details. In the boardroom, for example, there’s a framed racing suit in which the father of Bas Jan raced with in the 1990s. In addition, a 60-year-old pedal car has also been preserved and decoratively attached to the wall. For those with a keen an educated eye, visiting @differsgroup is something like visiting nirvana.

Photos and words by @tristanfopma for @type7


Part 2/2





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